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Onovwerosuoke's rhythmic language would be worthy of analysis by students of the long process by which a common African-American language, musical and verbal, evolved out of the multiplicity of cultures of the enslaved. The overall effect is kinetic, colorful, and imposing — any symphonic programmer looking for music that will meet urban constituencies halfway should hear [his music].  - James Manheim 
"The New Piano Vista"
Even without considering the impetus for these two dozen miniatures [
Twenty-Four Studies in African Rhythms ], this recording should be high on the acquisition agenda of all music libraries, pianists, and record collectors.  [Pianist Peter Henderson] offers proof that this music can be performed by one who is neither Ghanaian nor Nigerian.... nor African.
- Dominique-Rene de Lerma 

 From OUP [Oxford University Press] under the editorship of Fred Onovwerosuioke, the west African-born conductor and composer, comes a simply terrific volume of African songs for mixed voices, many with percussion or hand clapping, as well as the occasional instrument. The editor provides essential background information to each item as well as helpfully offering performance guidelines ... The volume is attractively produced and would make a useful addition to the library of any choir looking to expand and refresh its repertory. Warmly recommended.
-Philip Reed, Choir & Organ 


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