Fred Onovwerosuoke, composer

...Attractive, rather epigrammatic and made an immediate effect, [the piano etudes from "Twenty-Four Studies in African Rhythms" are a compelling mixture of technical challenges, memorable ideas and clever compositional working, none of which outstayed their welcome...  - Review by Robert Matthew-Walker, ClassicalSource, London, UK
..."The Gathering," an overture by Ghanaian-American composer Fred Onovwerosuoke was a brief, lively work propelled by rapid and aggressive African rhythms, creates a delicious sense of danger–all powerfully rendered by Marlon Daniel and his orchestra... - Review by Victor Carr, Jr., ClassicsToday
Fredo with pianist Rebeca Omordia after a rousing performance of "Raging Rivers 2, Study No. 24" at the Intercultural Music Festival

These kinetic pieces [ Twenty-four Studies in African Rhythms] easily get under one’s skin and they sound like they are fun to play.  - American Record Guide
Soprano Marlissa Hudson and pianist Peter Henderson rehearsing
" 12 African Songs for Solo Voice & Piano"

The piano lines in [Fredo's "12 African Songs for Solo Voice and Piano"] are lively and catchy - indeed,  though their sources are more exotic than African-American spirituals or Langston  Hughes, the songs have the  most popular appeal of all the material  on this recording [ Libera, AGCD 2106]. 
Review by Chris King, The St Louis American

Soprano Alison Buchanan, a great ambassador of
​FredO's  "12 African Songs for Solo Voice & Piano"​​

Onovwerosuoke's rhythmic language would be worthy of analysis by students of the long process by which a common African-American language, musical and verbal, evolved out of the multiplicity of cultures of the enslaved. The overall effect is kinetic, colorful, and imposing — any symphonic programmer looking for music that will meet urban constituencies halfway should hear this disc. - James Manheim ( critic)

Selected reviews of Oxford University Press's  Songs of Africa: 22 Pieces for Mixed Voices by Fred Onovwerosuoke

Now here's a really interesting book ... And boy is it stimulating ... Many of the arrangements or transcriptions are by Onovwerosuoke himself, and are interesting and ear-opening ... A great collection for doing something different with your choir or, even better, to take to a workshop to work on properly and in depth... -Jonathan Wikeley, Music Teacher

Published arrangements of songs from Africa have not been uncommon in recent years, but this is the first volume I have seen that is genuinely pan-African in content, and compiled by someone completely immersed in Africa's diverse traditions and languages ... In contrast to our predominant European mentality, what shines through again and again is the music's simplicty, playfulness and joy - one of many reasons to celebrate this unique publication. - Matthew Greenall, The Singer 

IMI Chamber Players playing selections from "Four Dances for Wind Quintet" and "Four More Dances for Wind Quintet"

Flutists Maggie McCallie, Wendy Hymes and Matt Allison, great ambassadors of FredO's Serenade for Flute Quintet


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