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Sonic Safari Outreach

Sonic Safari for Schools is an artist residency program designed for band, strings, choral, and folk dance programs in middle and high schools. Instructors engage interactively with students to improve their skills while helping them to develop music by African-American and other lesser-known composers, particularly of African or other racial-minority descent, along with familiar standard repertoire.  Programs are offered nationally in partnership with schools and our IMI musicians. 

BAND: Dr. Wendy Hymes, Matt Allison (flutes), 
Titus Underwood, Carrie Smith  (oboes),
Mary Bryant (clarinets), Peter Ulffers (horn),
Hank Skolnick (bassoons), Bryan Foote (trumpet), Ni’ko Boston (trombones)
STRINGS: Darwyn Apple, Nikki Glenn, Jessica Platt 
Artie Walls (Jazz/R&B bass guitar)
KEYBOARDS: Elikem Fiase, Jocelyn Rugaber
DANCE, DRUM & PERCUSSION: Jahja Uwizewe, Sahfi Uwizeye, Chuck Henson
CHORAL: Minister Bryan Johnson, Fred Onovwerosuoke, Jean Dogbe, Ebenezer Allotey, Sylvester Matete

Video links from Sonic Safari sessions, password required from IMI at 314-289-4052 or 
Patrons and intending underwriters please request password by phone at 314-289 4052 or email to

The Sonic Safari for Schools program helps diversify music programming in America. We believe the Sonic Safari for Schools program to be an avenue to help mentor today’s Grades 5-12 students (especially from economically disadvantaged households) into future careers in music education and performances careers. To help sustain this program please visit to support this program with your tax-deductible donation.  Inquiries about corporate support should be directed to 314-289-4052 or email at Thank You!